Tandem on the Tweed

Written by eleripaddles

My first time in Scotland in a while, this time overnight on a classic route linking the slalom site at Fairnilee to Floors Castle in Kelso – a great trip with great people and lots of laughter.

An Unexpected Party…

We left home late on Tuesday having spent Monday morning in Hebden Bridge with Carlo, Julia and Georgio – old friends who we didn’t expect to see again until we returned to see them in Italy.​

Wednesday morning, we pulled into this viewpoint. Before we’d even got out of the van, they zoomed in next to us!

An unexpected meeting with friends!

Our reunion had to be quick as we were on our way to our start point: the slalom site at Fairnilee. We arrived mid morning and got ready. After shuttles we we good to go – at around 2:30pm.


“Lunch” was on this little island at nearly 5pm 😮


We eventually found an attractive spot to make camp…

All along the river we found lively bits…


Most of the river was green flow and riffles but we also found caulds (broken weirs) where we needed to be careful.

Below the Cauld

Towards the end we had lots of fun on the Makerstoun rapids. I might have got Dad a bit wet and Carwyn might have got wetter. 

This was a great trip with great company. Thanks Lizzie, Carwyn, Don, Lynne, Dad & Eira.

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