Kamini Jain - High Performance Coaching

Written by eleripaddles

When we found Canadian Sprint, Outrigger Canoe and Dragonboat legend Kamini Jain would be in Henley-on-Thames offering four days of training around “Developing High Performance Coaching” we jumped at our chance!

The Eyot Centre was great as a outstanding base for our training and the River Thames was perfect for our on water sessions – especially as it was on red boards (or close to that level) for most of our stay.​​

We had our own ways of paddling which might have worked well for paddling the dragonboat but we were here to learn how things were done in Vancouver – so we went back to basics and worked on an entirely new stroke.

All of the technical coaching was about getting the boat to run.  We did a lot of different drills but they were all about rhythm, smoothness through the stroke, and blending as we moved from one stroke into the next.​

We looked a lot at tactical things around starts and transitions and at the workouts needed during a season to prepare for key races – and we went through ways to get the relationships right so that they worked through a season.​

We were attending the course alongside great people from everywhere from GB Dragonboat racing to Outrigger Canoeing and we are now going to see if we can get lots of them back to Yorkshire for training camps which lots of others can do.   

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