Polo Coach Training

Written by eleripaddles

Over the past two seasons, canoe polo has become a big part of my life within my local club. I play with everyone from little kids who haven’t really learnt how to go in a straight line through to seniors who have played at GB level. I’m also training as a referee, and last weekend I went over to KIngston Kayak Club to do Polo Coach training. 

This was only the fourth time the training had ever been run and I was training with Mohsen, Lee, Nick and Alan. They had all got a lot more experience than me in canoe polo but that didn’t really matter as we were mostly reviewing the Core Coach training with a polo focus. 

​Lesley Medina and Ant Morgan delivered the course and on the second day we had a group of guinea-pigs arrive, so we got to do real coaching. We worked lots on how to coach the basics of boat handling and ball skills. 

Now I just need just to put it all into practice back in my club.

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